Week Seven in Review: Thunder Bay, ON to Sault Ste. Marie, ON

This week, we spent the entire ride navigating around Lake Superior. After being told by countless people that it was the most beautiful stretch they had ever seen, we were looking forward to it and the beauty it promised. Unfortunately, weather once again stepped in to make things less enjoyable -- and visible -- but... Continue Reading →


Week Six in Review: Winnipeg, MB to Thunder Bay, ON

As we say good bye to Manitoba, I have to unfortunately say that I remember it mainly for its lack of shoulders, its mosquitoes, and its headwinds. But, I know that there is much more to the province, so I am positive I'll be back! In particular, I want to explore more to the north,... Continue Reading →

Week Five in Review: Saskatoon, SK to Winnipeg, MB

We're still playing a bit of catch-up with updates, so please bear with us! Last time on the Weekly Recap, we rolled into Saskatchewan's biggest city, Saskatoon. For this episode, we made excellent progress, rolling into Manitoba and ending our week in Winnipeg, Manitoba's biggest city! Despite some continued tough weather (WIIIIIIIIIIND!!! *shakes fist at... Continue Reading →

Special Report: Banff to Jasper

Jon and I are relaxing in Jasper today after three hard days of riding. Not only have we climbed up into the Rockies, but we've spent three days pedalling north through them. Now that we've come out the other side of the wilderness, we decided to give a report on all that we saw and... Continue Reading →

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