Week Two In Review: Vernon, BC to Banff, AB

Jon and I are well into our routine of riding throughout the day, setting up camp at night, and then passing out. But that doesn’t mean that BC hasn’t been throwing every curve ball at us that it can — we’ve climbed two more passes (Roger’s Pass at 1330m and Kicking Horse Pass at 1627m), experienced intense cold, had numerous mechanical failures, and even had to camp at the side of the road when it got too dark to carry on.

Fear not, faithful readers, we toiled on and have officially defeated BC; we crossed into Alberta on Wednesday, June 11 and descended into Lake Louise where we celebrated by guzzling (SUPER EXPENSIVE) chocolate milk.

And so, with one province down, we thought it would be fun to list some ride stats so far:

  • Distance covered: 973.28 km
  • Vertical distance climbed: 13,836 m
  • Number of flats: 1 (Jon)
  • Number of broken spokes: 4 (3 for Glen, 1 for Jon)
  • Number of showers taken: 5
  • Number of times laundry done: 2 😦
  • Jars of peanut butter consumed: 1
  • Bottles of sunscreen used up: 1
  • Number of times stayed with strangers: 1
  • Number of times exclaimed, “Woah, look at those mountains!”: 56,291 (give or take)

And now for something completely different — pictures!

Day 7: Armstrong, BC to Revelstoke, BC (Route, Route)

An abandoned barn seen along Back Enderby Rd. Taken between Armstrong, BC and Enderby, BC.
A decommissioned rail road seen along Back Enderby Rd. Taken between Armstrong, BC and Enderby, BC.
Jon, taking a break from riding to complete the trans-Canada railway. Good work, Jon! Taken at Craigellachie, BC.
A sample of the calming traffic constantly found on the Trans-Canada Highway. Taken near Revelstoke, BC.

Day 8: Revelstoke, BC to Glacier National Park (Route)

Taking time to reflect at the top of Roger’s Pass. Taken at Roger’s Pass in Glacier National Park, BC.
A closer look at the view at the top of Roger’s Pass. Taken at Roger’s Pass in Glacier National Park, BC.

Day 9: Glacier National Park to Golden, BC (Route)

A view of the mountains from Golden. Taken in Golden, BC.
After a second spoke break in Revelstoke, and a third spoke break in Golden, the newest replacement spoke stood out in rebellious silver. Thus, Rebelspoke was born!

Day 10: Golden, BC to Lake Louise, AB (Route)

Jon tries — but fails — to jump over the mountain. Guess he’ll just have to pedal up it like normal people! Taken outside Golden, BC.
Mountains dominating the landscape. Taken in Yoho National Park.
View from a tranquil, hidden river. Taken in Yoho National Park.
A train puffing as it pulls up to the train station in Field, BC. Taken in Field, BC.
Another majestic mountain view. Taken from the viewpoint over the spiral tunnels outside Field, BC.

Day 11: Lake Louise, AB to Banff, AB (Route)

Grand Canyon-inspired landscape with a gorgeous sky. Taken between Lake Louise, AB and Banff, AB.
Mt. Rundle, capturing the last rays of the setting sun. Taken outside Banff, AB.

Just like that, week two is over! We’ve been absolutely absorbed by the beauty of the mountains and the landscapes we’ve been cycling through. So, it is a little sad that we’ll soon be leaving the mountains behind us. What kind of landscapes are you looking forward to seeing? Are there any other weird stats you would like to see? What other zany antics can that Jon character get up to?? Let us know in the comments below!


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